Andrei I. Gere is a Montreal-based photographer, creative director and pursuer of wonder.
With a background in graphic design and sciences, composition and color are distinct elements that give Andrei’s photography a unique, vibrant style with the goal of bringing out the beauty of places and creating visual memories.
Andrei’s passion for photography started early on, when he first picked up a single lens reflex camera, looked through the viewfinder and turned the focus ring to eliminate the blur. He embarked on a journey to capture places, people and other elements that the naked eye may not be able to notice, analyze or savor on the spur of the moment.
“Pictures are not only works of art, but monuments in time.”
His work is often described as revealing, as it brings out the raw beauty of places that would otherwise seem ordinary, making them memorable and unique, while turning even the extraordinary into wondrous.

Andrei’s love for photography and drive for capturing the magnificence of this world took him across United States twice, along the Historic Route 66, the American Southwest and Southern California, Mexico and Costa Rica, and all around Italy.
Latest adventures - Iceland, the land of fire and ice, followed by a second tour of the American Southwest.

Andrei now works as a creative director and consultant in the web and e-commerce industry, as well as a portrait photographer.

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